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Pastor Ernie Woody
Notes from the Book of John

From 2013 – 2017, Grace Bible Church was in the Book of John. This type of instruction is standard at our fellowship, with an in depth study of the Bible most Sundays.

John 1:6-8John 6:14-21John 11:21John 14:28bJohn 19:1-15
John 1:8-10John 6:22John 11:28-39John 15:4BJohn 19:1-16
John 1:12-13John 6:30-44John 11:43John 15:12John 19:16-17
John 1:14John 6:45-59John 11:47John 15:13John 19:19-23
John 1:14-18John 6:66-71John 11:53-12:11John 15:15John 19:28-30
John 1:17-18John 6:69John 12:12-19John 15:15BJohn 19:31-42
John 1:18John 7:1-10John 12:20-26John 15:20John 19:31-42b
John 1:19-28John 7:10-13John 12:21John 15:25John 20:1-10
John 1:29-34John 7:14-24John 12:20-26John 15:25BJohn 20:11f
John 1:35-42John 7:25-31John 12:27-32John 16:1John 20:19-23
John 1:35-51John 7:32-39John 12:32John 16:7John 20:19-23
John 2:1-11John 7:37-39John 12:42-43John 16:7BJohn 20:24-29
John 2:12-17John 7:40-53John 12:44-50John 16:7xJohn 21:1-11
John 2:12-17 BJohn 8:1-11John 13:1John 16:12John 21:12-14
John 2:17-22John 8:12John 13:1-7John 16:16John 21:15-17
John 2:23-3:2John 8:20-30John 13: 8-10John 16:23-32John 21:15-17b 
John 3:3John 8:31-36John 13:10-17John 16:33John 21:18ff 
John 3:14-15John 8:37-48John 13:18-30John 17:1John 21:25 
John 3:16-17John 8:43John 13:31-35John 17:1-5 
John 3:18-21John 8:48-59John 13:36-38John 17:6 ff 
John 4:1-19John 9:1-8John 14:1John 17:7 ff 
John 4:20-26John 9:8-38John 14:6-11John 17:11 
John 4:27-42John 9:39-41John 14:12-14John 17:11 Ext 
John 4:43-54John 10:1-10John 14:15, 21,23John 17:20-23 
John 5:1-16John 10:11-18John 14:16John 17:23-26 
John 5:16-27John 10:17John 18:1FFJohn 18:12-14/19-23 
John 5:16-27 BJohn 10:22John 14:16CJohn 18:15 ff 
John 5:28-29John 11:1John 14:17John 18:28-38 
John 5:30-47John 11:11John 14:27John 18:37-40 
John 6:1-14John 11:16-22John 14:28John 18:39-19:7