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We are conservative, evangelical Christians who are committed to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the edification of His body, the Church, through the clear and accurate teaching of His holy and infallible Word, the Bible.

Although we are not denominationally affiliated, we hold beliefs in common with such groups as The General Association of Regular Baptists; The Evangelical Free Church in America; and the Independent Fundamental Churches of America. Our form of church government is most closely aligned with the traditional Baptists and other like-minded fellowships that hold to a congregational form of church government. We practice baptism by immersion and observe open Communion at various times and services seeking always to increase our appreciation and understanding of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf.

We believe that it is the duty of each one who knows the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior to communicate the gospel truths to others with whom they come into contact. With this in mind, we seek to teach the whole counsel of God by preaching His Word in an expository manner dealing with each chapter and verse of the books of His Word that we teach. By so doing it is our intention to see that each member of our congregation understands to the fullest their own salvation and the urgency of communicating God’s Word to others.

We are a Bible Church because we feel that it is through God’s Written Word and the agency of the local church that God has chosen to reveal His plan of salvation to a lost and dying world. To this end, we support missionary efforts both in our community and on the foreign field, and we desire to be able to communicate God’s Word to you and your family.